Monday, July 18, 2011

Happily ever after

This blog has been about the past four months of my life.  I went to Ofunato and Rikuzentakata, scared out of my wits, not knowing what faced me.  I saw a quiet hell.  I lived among people who showed incredible strength as well as real vulnerability.  I struggled to find the words to describe what I saw and felt.  I failed.  I succeeded.  I came home.  I went back.  I tackled my personal demons.  I came home again a new person.

Throughout this process, you have been there with me.  You let me throw my pain out to you even though I don't know many of you.  You let me rant.  You let me complain.  You supported and comforted me.

 It was hard.  It was very, very hard but I would do this all over again without hesitation, although I would do things very differently.  I have no regrets in going.  I'm a better person for having gone.

I will continue to work towards reconstruction, renewal and healing in Tohoku.  This is my life.  I'm very, very convinced I will live happily ever after, and I will do everything I know how to make even one person's life better so they can say the same.

Thank you for taking this journey with me.   

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  1. Amya, been reading your blog, let's connect soon, while I am still in Boston, and you too. Will be returning to Yamagata at the end of August. Maybe you can come visit me there too.
    Call me or I will call you soon too.
    HenGaiKai coming up, I heard from Terry G. Let's connect before that - soon!?